Does your natural curls refuse to curl or lost it's Luster?

Ethnic women pride ourselves on our popping curls and as women, in general, we pride ourselves on our healthy, shiny hair. There is a certain pride that shows through when your natural curls can look the similar to that of a baby's curls. For some of us, our curls do not form and give off the natural luster and shine it should. Why is that? Why is it that for some of us our curls form easily and for others we have to try a bit harder? 

To answer the questions above we have to revert back to the hair. Though your hair comes in many different shades and sizes (coarse to fine) it is made up of the same things and require similar elements to perform as we need it to. "The main ingredient of human hair is a protein called keratin, which is also found in human skin, teeth, fingernails and toenails. Hair also includes oils for texture and a chemical called melanin." Knowing this, if your hair seems dull, lackluster, and would not form a curl naturally when water touches it then that means that your hair may be missing  one or more ingredients that it is naturally made up of.

So what can be done to resolve this problem?

Everyone has their own way or solution to this problem but the main thing is to know and understand what exactly your hair is missing so you can re-add to replenish. If your hair is so dry that it would not even form a curl natural when wet then it is missing protein called keratin. Luckily for us, there are keratin Masque products out there that works extremely well. These products usually are a bit on the pricy side but that's mainly because it more so as a treatment than just a conditioner. This product type should be used no more than twice a week  as needed, until your hair can regain that missing component that is keeping it from naturally curling as it should. Disclaimer: Please do keep in mind that your Nutrition plays a huge part in the health of your hair so do know that products alone will not solve all your hair problems, but it will help greatly though.

Please do also know that using a product once or twice period, will not solve your hair issues. If you want to see how or if that product truly works you will have to be consistent in its use. sigh.....I had to say that, I often times met people when working in the salon that complain about other products out there not working then I ask how often they used it and they usually say once or maybe twice, lol, and I have to explain that products do not work like that, for it to really work you have to be consistent with it. Now if you are consistent with it and still see no progress then it may not be best for your hair type.

What about hair oils, what's best to use for replenishment?

Another component that works well for your hair is hair oils. Now you more so would want hair oils that makes your hair feel softer upon application and would prevent dry scalp or cradle cap for some others. Cradle cap is a whole other blog but, psst...... hint hint, pure Castor Oil works best for remedying that. Back to hair oils for lackluster hair, well some of the best most nourishing oils out there should be common knowledge by now but for the sake of this blog I will list a few of them, my faves, (Coconut oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin E oil, Avocado oil, Tea tree oil, Castor oil, and Grapeseed oil to name a few of the top ones).  There are a few others out there but in my own personal experience, these work best across all hair types. Finding oils that have some of these combined works as well as finding each oil separately. 


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