Hair Protection & Recovery Is A PROCESS


Hair protection and recovery is a process, see the steps below for a starter guide to protecting and recovering hair to a healthy state:


Step 1 Clip Ends


If you have damaged hair, clip your ends regularly (no more than 2-3 months). This will prevent your hair from continuing to break and split up the shaft. Though there are many that do not believe that clipping your ends can help with hair retention and growth, I am here to tell you it does.


There is no need trying to hold on to dead hair, there is no reviving that, it only gets worse so go on and clip it off.


Step 2 Remove HEAT from your hair care regimen


This might be the most important yet hardest step of all steps. It is the most important because other than chemicals, heat is the one regimen that affects your hair negatively but yet it "needed" to be styled. I am here to tell you that heat is not required for most, if not all protective hair styles.


If you feel that you do need heat to function, try limiting its use. Use no more than once or twice a week, though I prefer month. What heat does is dry out your hair quickly. So if you have hair that requires a lot of moisture already, using a flat iron, blow dryer, or any other heat generating tools will only make things worse for your hair. This is to include hair products that require heat to effectively work (i.e. hair dryer). If your hair products require you to sit under a dryer in order for the product to penetrate the shaft then you need to switch to hair products that do not require hair dryer to function.


Your body provides enough heat for a deep conditioner to work well, just add your product and a plastic cap and go on about your day, later you will notice the from your head was more than enough. This leads me to the next step.

Step 3 Wash & Deep Condition (minimum) weekly


If you have Coily hair, like mine, you probably think that it is not best to wash your hair too often because you do not want to remove the natural or applied oils needed to sustain hair's moisture. I am here to tell you it's the exact opposite. You actually do need to wash your hair at-least 1-2 times a week minimum. Why is that?


Well, we often times apply a lot of product to our hair and scalp, we also tend to add product, on top of product, on top of product, without even washing it off first; because there is this misconception that the more product used the better it works. It is important to know that when you over apply products to your hair that your hair strand can explode creating breakage and split ends.


It is also important to wash the products applied off your hair then reapply for it to work effectively. Your hair will absorb what you put in it as often as you put it. It's kinda like, me trying to fit my big butt in some jeans too small, if I keep trying to force it in eventually it will rip/tear open. Same goes with applying too much product on your hair over and over again without washing your hair, your hair will expand then it will burst/explode. 


Step 4 Protect your hair


It is important to have a leave-in treatment or hair serum to apply to your hair for increased protection. Your hair is affected by the UV rays from the sun as well as what's in the air. I would suggest using a hair leave in hair treatment/serum that will protect your hair from heat as well as add the moisture your hair needs. Reality is a lot of people prefer heat so if you are going to use it, protect your hair from the damages it can bring, use a protective serum or leave-in treatment that will prevent that heat from negatively affecting your hair to the point of no return.



Said all that to say this, our hair is complicated but don't get caught up in an entanglement with your hair or you may lose it all and have to start over again. Nourish, Hydrate, & Protect what you have so it can continue to freely grow.



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