The Edge Slayer, Life's necessity...

Introducing .......

The Edge Slayer (from tha Himalayas in my Martin/Jerome voice).

Okay ....Okay, as you can tell, I'm a bit excited about this product. Here's the deal, the Edge Slayer is exactly what it sounds like. It will slay your edges (4c natural or otherwise) and have that bad boy laid. The Edge Slayer is more like a liquid-y gel that after application and styling will pretty much hold your hair in place quickly due to the fact that it dries on contact. It is fast drying and the best part is you do not need a lot of the product to get the desired look. One little tube goes a long way.

These days everyone is busy, we all have things to do and bags to acquire, the Edge Slayer is here to assist in your endeavors by keeping you prepared at all times. It is compact and easy to carry in your purse and you an apply with your finger or the free Edge Slayer brush that comes with it. I live in Florida and humidity is a MAJOR factor when it comes to my hair. I can personally tell you that no matter what I did to my then permed hair, or now natural hair, that nothing holds its weight on my edges to the edge slayer. I have tried pomade...ehhh .... not enough hold, I have tried black gels...takes to long to dry, I have tried edge control (both 24 and 48 hours).......leaves me looking greasy like a dripping wet 90's Jeri Curl and so much more products, I just had enough. I needed something that will fit in with fast life of hurry up and go, something that will dry on contact, have a shine but not leave me looking greasy, have a hold that will last at least 24-48 hours and have my hair laid the way I laid it before I left the house. My salvation was the edge slayer. I had enough of looking all flakey and greasy and was ready for something new & something blue. The Edge Slayer would keep my edges slayed for the entire day in this humid Florida weather without issue. After trying it on a few of my clients, they wanted it for themselves. 

To use: You can use on wet/damp or dry hair. Most times I used on dry hair before or after installing braids, weaves, wigs and etc. to just lay your edges. Not much product is needed for it to work effectively. It dries pretty fast so no hair dryer required, just keep in mind that the more product used the longer it will take to dry. When laying my edges I will either use a fine tooth comb or the preferred edge brush (looks more like a toothbrush you never use on your teeth). I usually apply a little product to the edge brush (like tooth paste) and proceed to lay my edges and move fast because it will dry fast. Check out our video on the product when it drops and try this product for yourself, you will love it.

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