My Story

     My Name is Candice and I am the Owner of BLAC Signature, LLC. BLAC Signature was created while journaling my personal hair growth journey of trying to figure out why my hair never grew past a certain length (my ears). During that time I saw that growing my hair was not the issue but maintaining that growth and keeping it healthy was. I am a licensed hair stylist (since 1999), after I graduated from high school few months later I was licensed. I have been doing hair for so long that I often times get reminded by friends and family of just how long I have been at this.

     When I joined the military to serve my country, I was still licensed and cultivating my skill during my off/personal time. With my technical knowledge of hair, I still felt the need to journal my journey.

     While journaling my hair growth I realized that I personally did not have an issue with growing my hair, my issue was that I needed a good hydrating hair care system to maintain and strengthen that growth. I needed a hydrating shampoo and conditioner that  would cleanse my hair and provide that extra hydration needed for elasticity as well as enhancing my natural curl pattern. Next I needed a hair masque  to provide that extra deep conditioning rehydration my hair so needed. Another thing I discovered was I needed a leave-in serum that would strengthen and protect my hair from UV rays and other harmful effects from weather changes such as humidity. I also needed a curl enhancing gel that would hydrate my hair while providing enough shine, slip for defined curls and hold them in place. Finally I needed something that will lay my edges and keep it laid.

Since my hair is all natural and revert at a drop of a dime, I needed an "Edge Slayer" gel to keep my edges looking right throughout the day and night without reapplication. I needed my system to give me what I needed to not only maintain but promote healthier hair which it did, my natural hair is now past my shoulders, ain't God good. This is when BLAC Signature (Beautiful Long And Curly) Hydro Boost Hair Care System was born.




Candice Williams