The key to product use on your hair for retention and growth is "less is more." For best results use our products when your hair is damp/wet.



What is the best product/s to use for thinning hair?

First key is to keep your scalp healthy (a dirty scalp cannot fully absorb). I would suggest the Grow Oil and the Biotin serum. Both are amazing, you should see noticeable results within 2-4 weeks.

Which product works best to add shine and bounce to my curls?

Then Curl Enhancer is the best product to use for your curls. It works fast (fast drying) and adds the extra shine without needing to add any additional hair oils. It also holds your curls pretty long. Works best on wet/damp hair when doing spirals, straw curls, twist-outs and/or just enhancing your natural curls.

Considering doing a blowout, which product will work best to protect my hair from the heat applied during the blowout?

One of my faves and our best seller is the Strengthening Serum. This product is amazing. It is multi functioning in many ways but I will highlight the most talked about way for you. This product protects your hair from heat damage and it also instantly detangles hair. Best when applied to damp hair. 

After applying different products or different product brands on your hair what is best to use to revive hair?

Applying product on top of product on top of product is already not good for your hair. Our Hydro Boost Shampoo and Conditioner  and our Keratin Masque works well together to not only cleanse but condition, revive, and nourish your hair back to life.

What do you do or what product to use on heat damaged hair?

Heat damaged hair is similar to dry hair in that the heat dries up the natural oils within the hair leaving it looking dull and lifeless. Your hair ends begin splitting up and hair begins to break. First you do need to clip your ends. Then you will need to revitalize and nourish your hair. Hair is naturally made up of Keratin so when your hair is lifeless and/or refuses to curl when wet (for naturally curly hair) then you need to put back what was taken from your hair. Our Keratin Masque is perfect for this. You will see results from this masque after first use, guaranteed.

Looking for a product that will hold my hair without needing to use "Gorilla Glue," just kidding, but seriously, what product can I use to keep my hair in place without using harsh products on my hair but will not let my hair revert after being outside for a few minutes (holds up in Humid weather)?

I suggest the Edge Slayer Gel. This gel is the real deal. It holds its own in humid weather and have had clients that said they have gone swimming and came out the water and their hair was still holding. This product holds up in any weather. Our Shampoo and Conditioner works best to remove the gel from your hair but any shampoo or conditioner will remove also. Best when used on damp hair.